As a Commercial Painting Contractor in Orlando, Regal Painting was honored and humbled to be chosen to perform the exterior renovation of the historic Church of the Good Shepherd.

Built in 1880 and consecrated in 1883, the Church is an historic Episcopal church building in Maitland, Florida. Designed by renowned New York architect Charles C. Haight, its board and batten walls and lancet windows are typical of Carpenter Gothic architecture, but its belfry centered over the altar area is unusual. In 1967, a more modern building was built with a design by Nils M. Schweizer which complemented the original structure that now serves as a chapel. Given that, the 1880 structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 28, 2011.

The first challenge was dealing with the older surfaces coated in lead based paint products. These products are not only dangerous to the environment but can create serious health problems when the dust comes in contact with lungs or skin. Using the latest EPA rules and regulations on lead removal, the team safely scraped and primed the peeling lead from the historic structure. To accomplish this difficult task, the teams donned their HazMat suits and respirators and then cordoned off specific areas by laying out plastic 10 feet from the base of the entire building to ensure the proper containment of lead paint chips.

The next and biggest challenge was prepping the steeple, located on the church’s apex and built on a steep roof that rises 12 inches every 12 inches. Using knowledge of mountaineering and aerial platforms, the team fashioned themselves with ropes and harnesses to the structure in a manner allowing them to fully encircle the steeple safely and securely. Using a plastic shield to ensure an EPA-compliant work area, roughly 97% of over 130 years of accumulated paint products was removed. With the scraping and clean up complete, the team moved to marking and caulking thousands of open joints in the structure before then priming and painting two coats of Porter Paints Acri-shield exterior paint in satin.

Once the difficult work was completed without injury or environment impact, the team wrapped up the project with the prepping and painting of the newer handicap ramp and railings with Porter Paints Porch and Floor Enamel.

Regal Painting is proud of the finished work on The Church of the Good Shepherd that changed a 130 year old building into looking practically new….and safe for current and future parishioners to enjoy for years to come!