Given its reputation in Orlando as a preferred Commercial Painting Contractor, Regal Painting was hired by the Orange County Bar Association to restore the exterior of its building.

Founded in 1933, the Bar Association has been the primary area for attorneys to meet, exchange information related to their legal specialty areas and provide valuable legal and community services to residents in surrounding communities.  Being on a main thoroughfare through Orlando, it was imperative that the Orange County Bar Association be restored to its original beauty.

The focal points of the building are two distinct art-nouveau framing structures near the entrance which were experiencing some rust stains so we wire brushed the affected areas and restored them to their original condition before sanding and painting them with Porter Paints Direct To Metal Paint in Satin twice.

Since the Bar Association building is 2 and 1/2 stories, an aerial lift was needed to effectively reach the heights required.  Although it is only 22 years old, the structure had already accumulated numerous problems due to being built using a block 1st floor structure and foam barrier on steel structure for the other 1 and 1/2 stories.  The structure had shifted quite a bit since its original construction and had multiple cracks on its stucco exterior.  As a result of years of moisture intrusion into those cracks, the building had several areas of stucco failure and rust into the metal corner beads. The team removed the failed stucco and rusted corner beads then treated the remaining bead areas with phosphoric acid to prevent further rust before repairing the stucco to match the existing texture. The many colonial columns near the entrance were also showing signs of rust and those were similarly treated and painted with Porter Paints Acri-shield Satin in white. This lead to patching the remaining wall cracks using Porter Paints Elastomeric Patching compound and removing years of caulking from around the many windows.

Finally, the team sealed the entire structure by hand using Porter Paints Porter Lock exterior masonry surface sealer and applied 2 coats of Porter Paints Acri-shield flat exterior paint in the two client-selected colors.