The new owners of the Errol Estates Country Club hired Regal Painting as their Commercial Painting Contractor to create a new dining and party experience for the members of Errol Estates Country Club.

The project was focused on interior painting work which also required wall paper removal, priming and texturing of the walls. The club sits on 1,000 acres in Apopka, FL that were purchased by John Thomas Pirie in 1886. Originally, the property was primarily a residence but was soon used as a progressive stock farm. The country club was built almost 100 years later with over 18,000 square feet of space and massive cedar vaulted ceilings. Unfortunately, the building fell into disrepair before new ownership arrived in 2011.

Focusing first on the vaulted ceilings in the main bar area, the Regal team covered the floors and sealed off the rest of the structure. The certified team members employed aerial lifts to first spray all of the cedar with Sherwin Williams ProBlock primer, a low VOC product. To prevent the tannin acids in the beams from staining through the soon to be applied paint, rollers were used to work the primer into the wooden beams. The beams were then painted a dark brown to contrast the ceiling area which was painted with Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Eggshell.

While most of the walls in the bar and dining rooms were covered in outdated wallpaper several surface featured an adobe texture that needed modernization. The first step in correcting these issues was to peel the wallpaper and clean the glue residue with hot water and DIF wallpaper remover. Any damage discovered during cleaning was repaired. Final preparation of the walls included utilizing a spinning sanding wheel attached to a vacuum device to sand the adobe texture while simultaneously removing any airborne dust contamination. After being sanded and cleaned, the walls were covered in knockdown texture. Once dry, the texture was primed with Sherwin Williams High Build primer then painted in the same Eggshell Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 as the ceiling areas.