As a leading Commercial Painting Contractor in Orlando, Regal Painting was chosen to repaint the main and multipurpose gymnasiums at Cypress Creek High School.

The project was funded by generous grants from Nike and one of Cypress Creek’s own alumni, Amare Stoudemire of the New York Knicks. The main gymnasium is the largest in Orange County, Florida with two tone block walls that measure 40 feet high.

The initial task was to remove numerous years of moisture intrusion due to improperly sealed windows. In addition, the walls were covered in graffiti and the paint was peeling, blistering and falling off of the substrate. The project began by covering the floors of the gymnasium which were scheduled to be refinished later. Starting in the higher elevations of the gymnasium walls, the team used aerial lifts to remove years of dust and grime from the walls. Once the current paint was scraped from all the walls and the surfaces cleaned with wire brushes, PPG SealGrip universal primer sealer was applied to ensure a proper base for painting. The higher elevation areas were covered with PPG Pitt-Glaze water-borne acrylic epoxy to provide maximum protection and service life. With its low VOC content and low odor, this waterborne acrylic epoxy was ideal for use in this renovation.

The lower wall areas were painted with burgundy (the school’s color) PPG Speed Hide alkyd gloss for maximum durability due to the high traffic of the area. Once the walls were completed, the team turned its attention to the multitude of natural wood finish doors that were very dirty from years of student use. These doors were cleaned with Krud Kutter and warm water then dried and sanded. The surfaces were cleaned again prior to the application of PPG Spar Varnish in high gloss. The high gloss finish was used because it allows for simple cleaning of dirt and scuff marks with soap and water.

Finally, the source of the moisture intrusion was determined to be windows in the gymnasium that had been improperly sealed. To address this issue, urethane sealant was applied around the window edges to prevent further moisture intrusion and preserve the interior surfaces.

The Regal team was able to return the gymnasiums to Cypress Creek High school one day ahead of schedule and was proud to partner with Nike and Amare Stoudemire in providing current and future students years of enjoyment in their newly refurbished facilities.